Saturday, July 18, 2009


As the saying goes there may be 'no FREE lunch' but today you can easily create a waste free one! I tremor with guilt to think about how much trash I created by using disposables bags and zip top baggies while making lunches for my kids in the last 10 years... Yikes, but as of this Monday we are going waste free. It's just not good enough to just pick up a plastic bag at the grocery store- REUSE IT ONCE and then throw it away. Instead, this morning my daughter and I are going online shopping for long life REUSABLE sandwich, snack and lunch bags. Problem #1: my daughter is picky. "No, I don't want that, I don't want it like that, I won't use that". I was losing patience and said, "OK, if we haven't found a solution by Monday you won't get a lunch." That seemed to inspire her!

Our google search turned serious and fun. We found stylish Lunchskins, snackTAXIs (Oprah's favorite), easy to clean Wrap-N-Mats, see through Fresh Snack Packs, soft and reusable ReUsies as well as some great hemp drawstring shopping bags... We even searched what we had in the house already and found a nice 100% organic muslin drawstring bag in a kitchen drawer that we could use on Monday. Throw in a small cloth napkin in her sack and we are almost done!! Last week I wrapped her sandwiches in folded parchment paper secured with a rubber band but planned on converting to ZERO WASTE NON-DISPOSABLE LUNCH BAGS, ASAP.

Now, we are off to Whole Foods now to see what they have in stock in this category. Otherwise, we'll order a few different types online, try'em out, and let you know.

Check out it out:

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